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A Guide to Your Best Pregnancy: Second Trimester

A Guide to Your Best Pregnancy: Second Trimester

BINTO's prenatal is built to fully support your baby's development, help fill the gaps you might be missing in your diet, and to make you feel like your best self!

Welcome to the honeymoon period of pregnancy. Why is it called that? Well, many women find their sex drive is returning, they're experiencing less nausea, and they can feel their little one moving. Also- it's almost the halfway point! Here are BINTO's second trimester hacks for a smooth pregnancy.


Essential nutrients (1):

Calcium and vitamin D: these nutrients are vital for helping your baby grow strong bones and teeth

Omega-3 fatty acids: for your baby's brain development

Iron: for the production of red blood cells to help your baby grow

Betacarotene: safe form of vitamin A for pregnant women


Top 10 Hacks for Your Second Trimester:

  1. Continue to make your frequent doctors appointments
  2. Start using belly balm and moisturizer to prevent stretch marks and itchiness
  3. Your gums tend to become more inflamed during pregnancy, so pay your dentist a visit
  4. Start sleeping on your side for comfort as your bump grows
  5. Begin shopping for maternity clothes
  6. Continue your pregnancy diet, taking your prenatal vitamin, and staying hydrated
  7. Begin searching for childcare options
  8. Create a baby registry and think about having a baby shower
  9. Plan for your baby's nursery
  10. Celebrate your halfway point!


Possible tests may include (2):

Quad screen/quadruple screen/AFP4/ multiple marker: blood test to identify if the baby is at risk for specific problems

  • What it looks for: elevated or low levels of AFP,hCG,uE3, inhibin A
  • Detects: Risk of fetus developing Down Syndrome, Trisomy-18, other chromosomal abnormalities, neural tube defects, and spina bifida
  • This tests should be taken along with tests during the first trimester





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