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Benefits and Uses of Inositol Powder Supplements

Benefits and Uses of Inositol Powder Supplements

When it comes to your health and general wellness as a woman, you want to give all it takes to maintain the best version of yourself. Health and a good diet are basically inseparable paradigms. While you may want to get the needed nutrients from natural foods in your daily servings, supplements come in handy to help you reach your daily recommended intake of essential vitamins and minerals. And today, we want to dig deeper into inositol powder supplements to help you discover why it might be what has been missing all along in your efforts to restore your wellness. Let's get going!

What is Inositol Powder Used For?

Typically, inositol is a carbohydrate substance naturally found in food sources such as:

  • citrus fruit
  • beans
  • brown rice
  • wheat bran
  • sesame seeds
  • corn

It's also naturally found and produced in the human body. Inositol is often interchangeably referred to as vitamin B8. However, it isn't a vitamin at all. In other words, inositol is a type of sugar similar to what is found in your blood (glucose) which triggers various insulin responses and influences hormones associated with moods and cognition.

While it's true that certain foods (and your body) can give you inositol, these amounts are minimal. They can barely meet the health benefits you can see when you include inositol powder supplements in your daily intake. That's why companies such as Binto manufacture inositol supplements geared to help you leverage the full power of enough inositol levels in your body. Inositol is found in many forms (known as isomers), the most common being myo-inositol.

How Does it Work?

Well, so what's the working mechanism of inositol? It's crucial as it supports your body's typical insulin production processes. Insulin is the hormone generated by the pancreas, which helps the body's cells absorb glucose optimally to produce energy. Now think of inositol as a messenger attached to insulin used to send signals to your cells. For instance, "Hey, it's time to take in glucose" when the glucose level in your blood increases (usually after meals). Therefore, inositol can be vital in controlling diabetes problems.

Inositol also plays a key role in influencing other biological processes such as fat metabolism and nerve signaling. Generally, all these functions narrow down to helping people with mental conditions like panic disorders, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Additionally, it has been proven to help in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in women while improving fertility.

Inositol Powder Helps Manage PCOS Symptoms

Affecting about 1 in 15 women in the US, polycystic ovary syndrome, abbreviated as PCOS, is a hormonal imbalance affecting women (especially those of reproductive age). PCOS is known to cause irregular periods and infertility problems in women. Other concerns related to PCOS include weight gain, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. However, the good news is that inositol powder supplements have been found to improve these PCOS symptoms. If you've been fighting infertility issues and other PCOS symptoms, your answer could be including an inositol powder supplement in your daily routine. Women with PCOS conditions can enjoy the following benefits from inositol.

Improve egg quality in women with PCOS

Inositol can improve egg & embryo quality and pregnancy rates in women with PCOS. How does it work? It is known as a messenger as it aids the production of hormones by ovaries and other endocrine glands. It also works by reducing the amount of gonadotropin required for ovarian stimulation, which in turn improves the number and quality of your eggs.

Weight loss in women with PCOS

The insulin sensitivity improvement nature of myo-inositol helps with weight loss in women with PCOS. In one study engaging 92 women with PCOS, half took 4 grams of myo-inositol daily for 14 weeks while the other half remained as the control group. Results showed that those under inositol lost weight while the other group gained weight instead. Fundamentally, inositol powder supplements help balance the hormones involved in weight loss, satiety, and appetite — the supplement may actually help you eat less. Therefore, it improves your mood and emotional wellbeing, and when you're feeling better, you'll tend to make the right food choices as you experience fewer cravings. Right?

Lowers testosterone levels in PCOS women

While the hormone testosterone is known as a men's thing, it's also found in women in small quantities to help reproductive functions and growth. PCOS is associated with high testosterone levels, which is abnormal in women. An inositol powder supplement can help lower these levels to be normal.

Blood pressure and sugar control

Inositol supplements can help lower blood pressure levels in women with PCOS. It's also fundamental in controlling blood sugar, especially in people with type 2 diabetes, by helping insulin function optimally.

Inositol for Sleep & Insomnia

If you experience a sleep disorder, your life is definitely affected. For instance, if you're out there to lose weight, sleep problems can significantly alter these goals. Lack of enough sleep causes you to be sluggish and emotional come the following day, which may cause cravings for unnecessary junk food, reversing your weight loss strides you had made before. Inositol supplements can help you deal with insomnia emanating from over-thinking and anxiety disorders during bedtime. Inositol will help balance your hormones and serotonin, which causes your brain to be calm and relaxed — and you get yourself a restful night.

Inositol Powder Supplement Dosage Requirements?

Well, this varies widely depending on the kind of treatment or goals you have. For women with PCOS, 200 mg to 4 grams daily have been found to work effectively. However, the severe condition requires a higher dosage in order to receive the expected results. In behavioral and neurological disorders, dosage may be up to 18 grams per day.

Does Inositol Have Side Effects?

Inositol powder supplements have very rare and minimal side effects. Known side effects are limited to only minor stomach upset when a high dose is involved.

BINTO Inositol Supplements Can Help

You'll be excited to learn that Binto introduced that supplement our community has been asking after for years to support PCOS. Our Binto inositol supplements can help improve your PCOS symptoms. If you're not in this group, you aren't locked out — you still can enjoy the other health benefits of inositol supplements. It's the perfect addition to your daily supplement routine. The new inositol powder drink mix will help you to:

  • Restore normal menstrual cycle
  • Inositol promotes insulin sensitivity
  • It cuts LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol levels
  • Support mental health
  • Improve insulin function

Binto is the Mark of Quality You Can Trust. We take pride in the trust women have in us. Binto is designed with women in mind to support their hormonal balance, wellness, and gut health. Our inositol supplements are in a friendly powder form with 50+ servings — over two months' worth. Binto inositol powder supplement offers vegan and pregnant/lactating mothers freedom as it contains no elements that can negatively affect them or their newborns.

Do you have questions you'd want to be answered or clarification queries? Get in touch with us now and learn how to get started on a journey of recovery and wellness as a woman and mother. Our expert team in women's health is ready for you!


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