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Hormones and Hair Loss: You're Not Alone!

Hormones and Hair Loss: You're Not Alone!

Tired of taking a shower? Yep. We've been there too. It feels like every time you get in the shower, and shampoo your locks, you end up with a mass of hair in your hand or clumped across the shower. I mean, how do we even have any hair left after each shower?

Female shedding and hair loss is not uncommon. In fact, 40% of women will experience some type of hair loss in their lifetime (normal shedding is 50-100 hairs a days). Hormones play a major role in hair loss and hair growth. Luckily, hair loss doesn't indicate infertility, but it does mean that your hormones could be off balance.


Women on birth control

Many of us have been on, or are currently using, some form of hormonal birth control like the pill, patch, ring or LARC. These contain something called a hormone progestin and they can contribute to an increased production of male hormones. Male hormones (testosterone), and increased progesterone levels, lead to hormonal hair loss and increase shedding in women.

Hormonal imbalances without birth control

Some women might have a hormone imbalance not caused by birth control. The primary reason for this is PCOS. PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome, results in an over production of testosterone and progesterone and decreased levels of estrogen.

Diet and essential nutrients

Nutrients, vitamins and minerals are key to keeping hair healthy and strong. Women who do not eat enough iron (found in meat and leafy greens), vitamin B and biotin can suffer from more severe hair-loss. Women dealing with eating disorders, or women who are underweight will have thin, brittle hair.

Other conditions that lead to hormone imbalance and hair loss include (but are not limited to): breastfeeding, pregnancy, postpartum state, and thyroid disorders.


If you are one of these women suffering from hair loss or increased shedding, then think about what factors we mentioned and how they contribute to your hair loss. For more help, talk with your healthcare provider about managing your hormones and hair loss effectively.

Don't be afraid to jump into that shower, and remember to get your daily dose of goodness.


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