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Bye Bye Bloating - Tips and Tricks to Fight Bloating

Bye Bye Bloating - Tips and Tricks to Fight Bloating

We all have days where bloating gets the best of us. But, it doesn't have to. By following these tips a tricks, you can fight your biggest bloats.


Do Your Meals Right

One of the easiest ways to help tackle bloating is to adjust your eating habits. It starts with eating your three meals a day. And when you are eating, take your time. When you eat too fast, you swallow more air which causes bloating. This can also happen when you drink through a straw, talk while eating or simply eat too much. You can win the bloating battle by simply changing the way you go about eating.



It's recommended that everyone drink 8 cups of water a day, but do many people do that? Bloating can be controlled if you try to keep hydrated throughout the day. And if you find you don't like drinking that much water, eat fruits that have high water contents. Watermelon, apples, and pineapples are a few of our favorites!

Stay Active

It's important to stay active throughout the month. But when bloating comes around, getting some exercise can reduce that full tummy feeling. When you get moving, your digestive system is able to pass gas more quickly. So, even if it's just a quick jog, try exercising to fight your bloating.  


Do Period Prep

Many women find that bloating comes when their period does. Or maybe it does at another time throughout your cycle. Whatever it is, prepare for when your bloating is going to come by adding certain things to your diet. Foods with high magnesium and calcium have proven to help with bloating.


Take a Probiotic

Probiotics work to improve your gut health and tackle bloating. Here a BINTO, we give you a personalized daily probiotic! Plus, you'll get your essential daily vitamin, and more depending on what you get matched with. Take the quiz and find out more.


We hope these few simple tips help you say goodbye to bloating. And while there are many other things you can do, we think that these might just do the trick.


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