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Treating Endometriosis: Managing Your Symptoms

Treating Endometriosis: Managing Your Symptoms

As we mentioned in a past blog post, endometriosis is all too common. We want to provide some more detailed info on how to manage your symptoms because your quality of life matters to us. (Remember to consult your doctor first when choosing the best treatment for you).



Estrogen is responsible for regulating and developing the female reproductive system, however, it exacerbates endometriosis. Hormonal treatments can help by shrinking the lining of the uterus and decreasing (or preventing) monthly bleeding (1).

Oral contraceptive pill: Suppresses your period and prevents the growth of endometrial implants, reducing pain. It can be taken safely for many years- unlike other hormonal treatments.

GnRH-analogues: The modified version of the gonadotropin releasing hormone (which helps control your period). It comes in the form of an injection or a nasal spray. Side effects may be similar to menopausal-type symptoms because of the decrease in estrogen.

Danazol: Is a synthetic androgen (hormone in male reproductive system). Most women experience side effects and many stop taking it as a result.

Progestins/progesterone: May reduce inflammation in pelvic cavity and suppress growth of endometrial implants. There are usually less side effects than with GnRH-analogues or Danazol. 

Mirena: A plastic, T-shaped intrauterine device that contains progestogen (similar to progesterone).


Laparoscopic surgery is used to diagnose endometriosis, and in most cases it can be treated in the same procedure. The success of this surgery depends on how experienced the surgeon is in removing endometriosis. Do your research first!

Pain Management

Acetaminophen & Ibuprofen 

Though we use these drugs in our everyday lives, most people don’t know the significant difference between the two. Let's break them down:

Natural Remedies


BINTO can help with decreasing inflammation. Our products have DHA Omega-3 and Resveratrol


Reduce the intake of alcohol, animal fats, and caffeine which can increase inflammation.

Try adding flax oil, fish oil, turmeric, or olive oil to your diet to decrease inflammation (2).





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